About Us

About Us

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As a team, we have 30 years of industry experience which has given us much invaluable knowledge, reassurance and expertise in the work we do. As a company we have built up a great reputation for ourselves through our services that have seen many customers happy and satisfied. 

Our work has varied over the last few years, with Noel’s expertise taking him to Orana Park - where he has built yards for Rhinos, Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs. These are huge jobs to do, but Noel has tackled them with the highest workmanship. 

What makes us Different? 

We believe that the following three attributes really make us different to our competitors:

We use diggers for post driving

These are a lot faster than the standard post driving used by other companies. You will find generally that they are able to knock in a post and rail much quicker than your traditional post driving methods.

Vast knowledge of the industry with our 30-year background.

This is a long time to be in the industry and it has given us a real working knowledge of all things related to fencing, agricultural contracting etc.

We will do it once, do it right for you. 

We strongly abide by this saying which is really our work motto. Too many companies fail their customers’ big time, by not doing a job right the first time. This results in them having to go back and doing it again for the customer. We will guarantee you 100% that this won’t happen with us. 

Want a job done right the first time? Contact us on: (03) 312 8666

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